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Print the Zine!

To celebrate Manifest, the Coalition of Female Creators has together a zine, the "Collection of Female Creations." The zine aims to bring together work from female Columbia students across majors and creative mediums.

You can view the work included in the zine in the virtual gallery below, as well as information on how to learn more about our creators and statements about how they're REACHING this Manifest.

If you want to preserve this art in a physical format, you can print it from the comfort of your own home.


Click the link below to download the printable zine.. Direct any questions to CFC President Lily Indie, lindie@colum.edu.


About CFC

The Coalition of Female Creators is a student organization that brings together female Columbia students across majors to network, collaborate, hone industry skills, and more. We curate events with other campus organizations, offer opportunities for members to showcase their work, and strive to find new and innovative ways to support Columbia's female students in their creative endeavors.